Designing Your Order

I’m a new business and don’t have a logo. Can you help me?

Certainly! Whether you have a specific idea or just a vague concept, our graphics team can work with you to design a logo that fits your business, image and budget.

Do you provide the designs?

Most of our customers come to us with art concepts that our graphics team turns into a complete design ready for printing, but you may provide your own. Our graphics department is made up of award winning artists who can help you create your custom design and help turn your project into a work of art!

Where can I go to get inspiration for a design?

You can view our portfolio to see the quality of our designs or visit our design studio for hundreds of clip art and font options that can give you the tools to create a cool design you can send in for a quote.

Can I supply my own art file?

Yes, we can use your EPS or AI (vector) art file. Please make sure that all fonts have been converted to outlines and that all images are embedded or are included separately and are saved at 300 DPI to ensure the best printing possible.

How to check if your artwork is vector or raster?

Zoom in as far as you can, if you see pixels the image is raster, if the lines stay smooth the images is probably vector. Keep in mind that many formats can include both vector and raster elements in the same file. AI, EPS, and PDF are common vector formats, but can also contain raster elements so just looking at the file extension is not enough. When in doubt, send us the file and we can tell you if it will work or if some other format would be better.

What if I don’t have Vector art?

If your logo or artwork is not the right format or too low resolution to print our art department can recreate or digitize your logo or artwork in a vector format at our standard art rates. Once your logo or artwork has been converted to vector artwork we will provide you with the files for your use in other applications and the art can be reused and resized for any future orders.

Will I get to see the design you are creating for me before you print my shirts? What if I need to make a change?

We’re committed to making sure you love your design. Your artwork will be emailed to you for approval before any products are decorated, usually within 2-5 business days after your order is placed. If you have changes during the proofing process, just let us know and our artists will make any modifications you need and send it back out to you for approval. Once artwork is approved, changes may not be possible if the goods are already in our production process, so please proof your artwork carefully for both the look of the design and the accuracy of the content, including spelling, colors, and sizes.

I want to use my artwork for something else. Can I get the art from you?

Sure thing! Even if our graphics team creates the artwork, the design is yours. Please let us know the preferred file format and we’d be happy to send the art to you or to a vendor at your request.


Placing Your Order

Do you offer name brand items?

Of course! We work with the top vendors in the apparel industry and can provide quality brands like Hanes, Jerzees, Anvil, Gildan, Cherokee, Carhartt, Champion, Fruit of the Loom, Dickies, Rawlings, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Eddie Bauer, Hurley, IZOD, Lee, Oakley, Van Heusen, Wrangler and many more.

Can I get samples for sizing or to see if I like it before ordering?

Definitely! A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a sample is worth so much more. You want to know the look and the feel, as well as how it fits. We have many samples available in our lobby or custom samples can be ordered if needed, although we do ask that you return them in a timely manner so the items can either be used in your order or returned to our supplier. Samples not returned in a timely manner may incur a charge for the cost of the items.

Can I add extra pieces to my order after it has been placed?

Yes, it is certainly possible to add items to your order. We will check the production schedule of your order to ensure there is enough time for the goods to arrive and still meet the due date.

Is there a minimum quantity I need to order?

We want to be able to give our customers the best products at the best prices. To make decoration as affordable as possible, there are minimum order quantities depending on the method of decoration being used. We request a 12 piece minimum on screen printing and embroidery orders while promotional product minimums vary based on the product and supplier. Even though we request 12 pieces, they do not need to be the same size or color as long as the art is the same for all 12 pieces within your order.

Are there limitations to printing or embroidering my design?

Limitations? Not really. Location or size of your design? Sometimes. Seams, zippers, hoods and pockets could cause issues in creating a smooth and even design. The size of the garment could also determine the size of your design. Fabric can also play a role on whether print or embroidery will look better and last longer. For example textured fabrics like polos or hats look better embroidered than screen printed. Our brand management and graphics team will work with you to put only the best quality decoration on the garment you want.

Why can’t I purchase items online?

Because every order is custom, we want to ensure you get exactly what you want at the price you need. Direct contact with our team is the only way to make sure that happens. Some say we’re a little old school, but we don’t mind. We believe in taking care of our customers the right way. When you call us, you’ll speak to a person, not an answering machine, so you can get the answers you need quickly.

Receiving Your Order

When will my order be done?

We love to have 10-15 business days to complete orders, but we also understand you may be in a rush. Our production is based on order due dates. We’ll work with you to ensure that you always have your orders on time.

How will I know when my order is done?

The moment your order is completed, a customer service representative will contact you to arrange for pickup or shipment of your order.

One of my pieces is on back-order. What does that mean?

An item on back-order could mean that we received the garment flawed and are requesting a replacement from our supplier. It could also mean that, while it’s rare, we had an issue during decoration of your order and to meet our quality standards, we needed to order a replacement piece. Items placed on back-order will usually be ready within 5-7 business days.

Can you ship anywhere?

Yes, we can ship paid orders. We use world-wide shipping companies that can deliver anywhere. Although the shipping charges vary based on how far your order is going and how quickly you need it there. International shipping prices are shown as the price for shipping the package from CazGear to the receiving country.  In some cases, the receiving country's customs department will require the receiver to pay additional fees to receive or pick up the package.  CazGear has no control over whether the receiving country's customs department decides to assess additional fees or not.  The buyer understands that they are responsible for all additional fees once the package arrives in their country.

Do you accept returns?

Because each order is customized with your artwork, the products cannot be reused or resold and we cannot accept returns. However, if there is a mistake or flaw with the product, we will absolutely correct the issue by replacement or refund.

Pricing & Billing Your Order

How do I know how much it will cost?

You’ll need a quote from one of our team members in Brand Management. Request one via our Contact page or through our Team Stores page and we’ll respond within 1 business day. Bring as much information as you can about your design, the type of item you would want including quantities and colors, and your due date to get the most accurate estimate.

Do you offer discounts or price breaks?

Yes and yes! We often offer specials on certain products or brands. Subscribe to our email list and social media to receive monthly specials and to see what’s currently being offered. We also offer price breaks for ordering a higher quantity as this lowers our production costs and we like to pass those savings back to you.

Can you bill me for my order?

If we have a completed credit application on file, we certainly can. Otherwise, we will need a deposit of half the order cost when placing the order and the remaining balance is payable when the goods are picked up.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit and debit cards, including American Express.